Recent Before & After Photos

Water damage at a commercial building in Casper, WY

We responded to a water damage at a government facility here in Casper, Wyoming. The water fountain leaked and affected most of the offices on the first floor. ... READ MORE

Mold job in Casper, WY

This was a mold damage in Casper WY. The customer had a window air conditioning unit, and it didn’t have a proper seal between the unit and the window. Ov... READ MORE

Commercial Loss in Casper, WY

This large commercial water damage happened in a building in downtown Casper, Wyoming. The heating system failed, causing the pipes to freeze and burst. Two flo... READ MORE

One Time Clean in Casper, WY

This before-and after photo set is from a cleaning performed in Casper, Wyoming. An elderly homeowner was no longer able to keep up with the cleanliness of thei... READ MORE

One Time Clean in Casper, WY

SERVPRO of Casper performed a post-construction cleanup at a local pet store in Casper, WY. We offer a variety of services when doing this type of cleaning. In ... READ MORE

Carpet cleaning in a restaurant in Casper, WY

Not only do we clean carpets in homes, but we also clean carpets in commercial properties. Our truck-mounted cleaning units can provide high-power cleaning up t... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Casper, WY

This particular loss happened overnight. On the upper level, a pipe under the kitchen sink broke, and water ran all night. The ceiling collapsed in the basement... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Casper, WY

The customer has a summer home in Glendo Wyoming. Because she had not visited her property for several months, an extended amount of time went by before the wat... READ MORE

Debris Removal

There was a fire in Douglas, WY that started in the kitchen. The fire was so severe that the entire upper level of the home was destroyed, and the lower level h... READ MORE

Power Wash Clean Up In Casper, WY

This last Spring every time it would rain the roof would leak over the tellers, and rust would run down the side of the building at a local bank. Just like clea... READ MORE