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Mold Clean Up

Everyone enjoys relaxing in a nice, hot bath. However, it's hard to appreciate when your tub has cracks, crumbling grout and mold growing in many places. The po... READ MORE

Mold job in Casper, WY

Mold damage in your home or commercial building can grow out of control quickly, if not handled properly. Mold can begin to grow within 48-72 hours of a water d... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in Casper, WY

As you can see in the photo, this home had heavy smoke damage from a fire. There were charred materials present in the source area. In this area, there are not ... READ MORE

Mold job in Casper, WY

This is a mold-damaged residence in Casper, WY. Because of the significant amount of mold in the basement, it was necessary to perform a total gut. A total gut ... READ MORE

Frost Free Break in Casper, WY

The customer had a frost free faucet pipe break. During the freezing temperatures this winter, their pipe had frozen and broke. Because the break occurred forwa... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in Casper, WY

This was a smoke damage in Casper WY, on Casper Mountain. The smoke damage was caused by a puff back from their wood stove. The smoke migrated throughout the wh... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe

This loss was caused by a frozen pipe in Casper, WY. With the drywall saturated and having fiberglass insulation above it, it can be difficult to dry it out. Th... READ MORE

Frozen pipes in Casper, Wy

We had sub-zero freezing temperatures come through Casper in February. There were quite a few houses that were affected by broken pipes. In this particular room... READ MORE

Water Damage in Casper, WY

On this water damage job, the customer had a broken pipe that affected several rooms, and a variety of materials. A portion of the hardwood floor was affected, ... READ MORE

Commercial Loss in Casper, WY

This is a commercial loss in Casper, WY that was caused by a broken pipe in the ceiling. The water affected many rooms and different types of materials. Because... READ MORE