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Carpet Maintenance

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

Carpet Cleaning in Casper WY

There are many things you can do to help preserve the life of your carpet. Some of these things are common knowledge, while others are lesser-known. Carpet is an expensive investment. The longer you can maintain it, the easier it will be on your wallet. Here are some easy tips to help you maximize the life of your carpets, and other household fabrics.

Frequent Vacuuming – One of the easiest ways to curb the amount of dirt and soil that accumulates on your carpeting is to vacuum it. The IICRC recommends vacuuming your carpets twice a week to keep up with the dry soil accumulation in your carpets. This may seem like a major chore in your Casper home, but it actually can help pick up hidden dirt and hair particles that would otherwise settle into your carpet fibers, and cause abrasive damage.

Household Dusting – Dust accumulates on a daily basis. Dusting daily will help trap dirt that would otherwise land on your flooring surfaces, including your carpeting. You can also combat this issue by making sure that you have a new air filter installed in your furnace. This will help to trap unwanted dust that could make its way to your carpet fibers.  

Air Duct Cleaning – Air passes through your home’s HVAC system and into the air ducts. Dust, bacteria and allergens are often trapped in this space and eventually make their way through your home’s air vents and onto the carpeting. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned helps reduce dust and improves air quality.

Spot Cleaning – Anytime there is a mess from food, household products or pets, it is best to address the spot promptly. You can spot-clean with SERVPRO of Casper spotting kits. This allows you to safely target and lift spots. These products are safe to use on carpeting and many other surfaces inside your home.

Professional Deep Cleaning – Having the carpet cleaning pros from SERVPRO of Casper visit your home at least twice a year can help you keep your carpet and flooring looking its best. The powerful steam wand allows the cleaning formula to penetrate the carpet fibers. Deep down dirt, stubborn spots and odors are extracted and removed from your carpet. This not only helps to keep your carpets looking like new, but it also pulls fibers upward – reducing or eliminating dents and marks.

Area Rugs – You can help keep your carpets looking newer longer by investing in area rugs or walk-off mats. Rugs and mats can reduce soiling in areas where heavy traffic occurs. When rugs begin to show soiling or spots, SERVPRO of Casper has methods to safely and effectively clean them, and keep them looking their best.

Create a Clean-Up Station – Setting up an area where everyone removes dirty shoes and clothing before they enter the home or carpet area can help cut down on soiling. It will help reduce the amount of vacuuming and dusting you’ll have to do over time. Be sure to keep this area tidy on a regular basis.

Upholstery Deep Clean – Having your sofa, curtains and other upholstery cleaned professionally at least twice a year can help cut down on dirt. SERVPRO of Casper technicians have the knowledge and products to clean delicate upholstery, and leave them smelling fresh and odor-free.

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