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Commercial Water Damage in Casper WY.

This loss happened in an apartment complex in Casper.  They called in SERVPRO of Casper to perform emergency services, and structural drying. The loss affected 6 floors and multiple apartments. In this picture you can see that we detached the baseboards. Vinyl base cove is common in commercial buildings. They are fairly thick, and prevent evaporation of water. Materials such as this are known as a vapor barrier, and must be removed to facilitate the drying process. Fortunately, this type of material is relatively inexpensive, so replacement of the base cove does not create much of a financial burden in the restoration process.  

Water Extraction at a Commercial Building.

When performing emergency services on commercial water damages, the initial water removal can often be done more quickly than on a residential site. Flooring areas are typically more wide-open than you would find in a home. Commercial-grade olefin carpet is the most common type of carpet, and is directly glued to the floor without padding. Water removal is very efficient on glue-down commercial carpeting, and it dries much faster than typical residential cut-pile carpets.

Flood in Midwest WY

A small town in Wyoming had flooded and  affected many properties. This one in particular business got hit pretty hard, lots of water and mud throughout 3 of their buildings.  This picture I thought was particularly important, and this because of all the servers. It is really important to make sure that a professional company comes in and at least cleans and dry’s this room. With all the moisture there is humidity and with this important equipment you can’t afford the humidity ruining your equipment. We place low amp air movers and a dehumidifier to pull out the humidity out of the air.  By having SERVPRO of Casper come in its saving you time and money.

Commercial Water Damage in Natrona County

A school here in Natrona County had some water damage. It had affected a couple of class rooms. We extracted the carpet, pulled some baseboards and placed air equipment.  With commercial properties, it is important to respond promptly, and get it dried out as quickly as possible. This can prevent further problems down the road.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

In this picture, our team was hired to clean carpets at a hotel in Casper, WY. With carpet cleaning, people usually think first of the carpets in their own home. But proper maintenance of carpets and flooring in your business is just as important. Clean, vibrant-looking carpets and tile floors make your business more appealing, and helps keep customers coming in. Commercial carpet cleaning also makes your carpets last longer, by removing abrasive soils that could cause premature wear. It is definitely more cost-effective to have your carpets and flooring professionally-cleaned than it is to replace them frequently. From carpeting to vinyl to ceramic tile floors, we provide services to maintain most floors. For more information, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Casper, at 307-235-6558.

Water in a shopping center in Casper, WY

One of our certified technicians is documenting water damage in a commercial restroom. A water heater tank ruptured inside the ceiling of a commercial plaza in Casper Wyoming. The water affected two separate business suites. The walls, floor, and contents were all wet. In this picture, you can see the many layers of paint that have blistered. When the paint is thick on the walls, the water will flow down the wall between the paint and drywall. The paint will hold the water and cause it to bubble up. The water will either remain trapped in the blister, or soak into the drywall. In cases like this, we puncture the bubbles in order to drain the water, then peel back the paint and expose the drywall. This is necessary in order to remove any free water from the damaged areas, and speed the drying of the walls.

Commercial desiccant at a commercial water loss

In this picture, we have a large desiccant dehumidifier drying out a commercial building. SERVPRO of Casper was contacted when the building’s heating unit failed, causing the pipes to freeze. The entire building had water damage spread over three levels. Commercial desiccant dehumidifiers are capable of producing the driest air of all dehumidifiers. This allows the structure to be dried as quickly as possible. In this picture, you can see the desiccant dehumidifier, and the large generator needed to power it.

Whether you have water damage in a single room of your home, or throughout a large, multi-level commercial building, SERVPRO of Casper has the tools and experience to get the water out quickly, and get you back into a dry building.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our team is helping a local hotel in Casper Wyoming to get spruced up for the eclipse. Carpet cleaning can really improve the look and feel of a business! For your free estimate call today 307-235-6558