Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A crew member collecting insulation in a bag

Insulation Collection

Our crews are removing insulation from a smoke damaged home. When cellulose insulation becomes damaged by smoke, it typically needs to be removed. We use a high-power insulation remover to capture the insulation, and bag it for disposal.

SERVPRO of Casper has the tools and knowledge to handle all aspects of fire and water damage.

Fire Place Safety

Now that winter weather has arrived, heating systems are being turned on, and fireplaces are being lit. But are they going to work safely and efficiently? It is a good idea to get your ducts cleaned, and your chimney swept, at the beginning of the heating season. Also, don’t forget to open the flue on your fireplace before you start that first fire!

Fire Place Cleaning

Tips on how to clean your fireplace:

Combine water and dish detergent cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Use a second spray bottle filled with warm, plain water and spray area to rinse.

Cleaning Solution:

1/2 cup dish detergent

4 cups hot water

Cleaning Process:

Spray cleaning solution on a small section of brick.

Scrub with a nylon bristle brush.

Rinse with clean water.

Dry with a clean dry cloth.

Apartment Complex fire in Casper, WY

When a fire happens, smoke can move and behave in bizarre ways. There was a fire in an apartment complex here in Casper, Wyoming. The fire started on the floor below this apartment. The fire created high air pressure, and pushed smoke through the plumbing. On the left side of the toilet in this photo, you can see a black “flare” mark. The smoke forced its way from under the toilet, into the rest of the bathroom.

Bathroom fire in Casper Wy.

The source of this smoke damage was an exhaust fan in the bathroom. The fan overheated and caught on fire. Most of the heavy smoke damage was limited to the bathroom. The rest of the house had light smoke, and was able to be restored with proper cleaning products and techniques. With this type of cleaning, we can keep on the contents on-site and clean them there. We also used an air scrubber with a HEPA filter to help remove any smoke particles in the air.

Kitchen Fire in Casper, WY

This was a fire damage in Casper Wyoming. The source of the fire was a pan of grease on the stove that caught on fire. The homeowner moved the pan to the kitchen sink, and attempted to extinguish it by turning on the faucet. The water caused the fire to flash violently, catching the curtains on fire. The fire was so intense that it burnt most of the kitchen and spread smoke throughout the home. We packed up the contents in the house, and moved them to our facility for cleaning. We also performed cleaning and deodorization in the smoke-damaged portions of the home. After the re-construction was done, we moved the clean contents back into the home.

Kitchen Fire in Casper, WY

This was a smoke damage from a kitchen fire in Casper, WY.
The clean up was very successful, with the exception of the burnt areas, which were removed and replaced by a local contractor. The customer was very satisfied with our work.
A huge benefit you get of having SERVPRO of Casper clean up a smoke damage is that the supervisors are IICRC Certified.