Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Frozen Sprinkler Lines

A sudden cold snap here in Casper caught many homeowners with sprinkler systems off-guard. They had not winterized their systems, and freezing and line breakage occurred. In this photo (shown partially through tear-out), you can see how the water saturated the soil, and pushed its way through the exterior concrete wall. Drywall and insulation are being removed so we can dry the sub-structure).

Ground water seepage in Casper Wyoming

A recent series of storms in Casper resulted in substantial rainfall that over-saturated the ground. When the ground gets overloaded with water, it often relieves its hydrostatic pressure by seeping into the basements of homes. There were multiple homes that were affected by this. In this particular house, the water came through the foundation and into the lower level. It affected the bathroom, sewing room, living room, and hall; the customer had 1-2 inches of standing water. SERVPRO of Casper knows how to handle storm related incidents, so if you experience this problem or know someone who has, help is only a phone call away. Mother Nature doesn’t take a day off, and neither do we. We have technicians available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Flood in Casper

Recently, there was a “micro burst” thunderstorm event in Casper. It rained 2-3 inches in a very short period of time. Because central Wyoming gets very little annual precipitation, our drainage systems are not built to handle short, intense storms with heavy rainfall. When these storms happen, they can flood our streets, underpasses, and even homes and businesses. This photo is looking out the back door of a home in Casper. The rainwater drained into the back porch area, filling it up, and causing water damage in the home.

Frost Free Break

This is a frost-free faucet break in Glenrock WY. They had a particularly cold winter, and temperatures dipped below zero degrees several times during the season. When spring time came, they turned on the faucet to water their lawn. Because the break occurred in the pipe forward of the valve, water began to leak in a hidden area inside the wall, and worked its way out to several rooms in the basement.

Drying Equipment

This piece of equipment is called the Firebird Compact 20.  It creates heat to help dry parts of structures that have deeply-bound water and are difficult to dry, such as tile floors. During the recent freeze we had in Casper, pipes were bursting in many homes, affecting a variety of materials. By using the Firebird heater, we are able to speed up the drying process and help save materials.

Commercial loss in Casper, WY

This is a parking garage exit at a commercial water loss in Casper, Wyoming. The heating unit for this multi-level office building failed, causing the pipes to freeze and burst. Rising outdoor temperatures took care of the wall of icicles blocking this garage. But extensive work was needed in the office space above the garage to stabilize the property, and prevent further damage. SERVPRO of Casper technicians responded immediately, and dried out the building in a rapid manner.