Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage in Casper, WY

Over Memorial Day weekend the owner of this home had left town to go camping. On Monday afternoon, they came home and found 3-5 inches of standing water in their basement. They had a broken pipe, and it affected the whole basement. When we arrived, we extracted all the water, moved the furniture in the affected area, and placed drying equipment. We did have to remove some walls because of over saturation, so we could effectively dry the substructure. You can see the standing water in this photo from the reflection of items, and the ripples in the water.

Pipe Break

When customers see how much water is in the basement, or how much is affected they assume that the break is big. But even a small pin size hole can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
When most people think of water damage, they think of large pipe breaks and massive flooding. But even a leak the size of a pin can cause a lot of hidden damage. Whether it's your entire basement, or just a wet spot on a wall or ceiling, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Casper. We have the experience and the team to make your water damage "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in Casper, WY

Customer had a leaky pipe in the bathroom upstairs. As this was an older house, most of the walls were made of plaster. We did struggle a little to get the ceiling dry and had to remove a portion of the ceiling, but we installed a plastic tent and attached some lay flat ducting to it. With this, we were able to inject the hot, dry air from the dehumidifier into the tent to speed the drying of the area.

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage happened at a ski lodge in Casper WY. The contractor that was working outside created a mudslide. It ended up running into the building, which caused a muddy mess. SERVPRO of Casper was called in to do the cleanup and to dry out the structure.

Water Damage in a House

The customer has a Summer home that he goes to in the cold months. This Winter was colder than normal. The heating system failed, and a water line broke in the ceiling as a result. The home filled with water, which froze and created a sheet of ice on all of the floors. Some of the water inside the attic spilled out through the front of the house, causing a huge ice formation at the front door. In order to dry the home, it had to be first thawed out. SERVPRO of Casper installed a diesel-fired furnace outside the home, pumping warm air into the structure. As it thawed, we were able to remove the water, and dry the structure out thoroughly.

Secondary Damage in a House

This home was vacant for an extended period of time, and they ended up having a water damage. No one had checked on the house regularly. The high humidity caused condensation on high surfaces in the home, a condition known as secondary damage. With that, wilting and mold growth took over the ceiling fan. SERVPRO of Casper went in and remediated the loss and brought the structure back to a safe and livable condition.