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We are separating out water-damaged vinyl records with foam blocks to dry in our climate-controlled drying chamber

Water-Damaged Vinyl Records

For every problem, there is a solution! We are separating out water-damaged vinyl records with foam blocks to dry in our climate-controlled drying chamber.  Inside the chamber, we have a dehumidifier that will help pull out the wet air from the records to dry them quickly.      

SERVPRO of Casper Christmas Party

Since we are a family owned and operated business, we love celebrating the holidays with our team and their family. The never-ending fast pace of 24/7 emergency response can wear down our technicians, so taking a break to relax and enjoy each other’s company can be a great way to refresh ourselves.

We celebrated with our employees by having a Christmas party at a local restaurant where we enjoyed pizza, appetizers, and dessert. We also did a white elephant gift exchange for fun.

As a small business, we are able to get to know our employees and their families. Spending some fun time with them during the holidays makes us a stronger team.

Emergency Heating system

If water or fire damage disables the heat in your home, we have resources to help with that. There can be many reasons why there is no heating available. The most common one is water flooding the furnace, making it inoperable. In some cases, fire may damage the wiring in your home, making it unsafe to operate the heating system. One of our best pieces of equipment to heat up your home is the Blaze 100HC furnace. It is a portable, indirect-fired, diesel furnace that we can transport to your home and set up. It has enough power to provide emergency heat to your home until you get your furnace working. It is important to heat the property if it is water-damaged, in order to rapidly dry the structure. In fire damage situations, heating the home can prevent expensive breaks in the plumbing system.

Watering the Plants

Do you have a puppy that likes to help? This particular puppy wanted to help water the plants. Fortunately, taking care of mishaps like this are our specialty. Whether your water damage is caused by your plumbing or your best friend, we can dry it out quickly.

That’s Why SERVPRO. We can take care of anything that life throws at you.

Customer Satisfaction

During a water or fire damage response, a lot is happening at once. The chaos of unexpected damage causes emotion and stress levels to rise. Communication is critical in handling these situations effectively. We explain to our customers the many steps in the process of restoring their home or business, giving them peace of mind that the job will be done properly. We also stay in constant contact with the insurance company, keeping them advised as each step in the process is completed, as well as any challenges that may come up in the restoration process.

                At SERVPRO of Casper, we pride ourselves on communication. It is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction.

Employee Certifications

It’s important when hiring a company that you make sure that the company, and employees have the proper training to ensure that the job is done to industry standards. We are proud at the fact that we have our employees trained in any aspect of the job we come across. We have employees all the way from office to Owners trained.

IICRC Training

At SERVPRO of Casper, we take professional education seriously. We invest in our employees by sending them to IICRC-certified schools (only available in other states) to ensure they have the latest knowledge available in our industry. Not only do we send them to be trained and certified in Water and Fire Damage Restoration, but also in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.