What our Customers say...


Shout out to Miamie Sleep and her staff at SERVPRO! They stepped in on an emergency for one of my elderly clients on THE WEEKEND and on SHORT NOTICE and didn’t charge thousands of dollars. The crew that came was friendly, extremely thorough, and didn’t act put out at all. They preserved my client’s dignity and I’m so grateful for them turning a terrible situation around in a hurry!

Everyone did a good job and where very polite. 

I was impressed with the services, and I would use you for my future needs. Great job!!!

Chelsey was friendly, professional, and proficient. Carpet was cleaned thoroughly and timely, Beautiful job!!

You guys we're courteous, and professional. I would recommend you guys. Thank you for working with us while being in Cheyenne

Our carpet in the bag packing room at our Program Center was horrible. It was really embarrassing because it was so dirty. From years of kids dropping raisins and peanut butter, it had taken on a scary splotchy pattern that was not appealing. In one cleaning the team at SERVPRO transformed our carpet into nearly brand new. You cant even tell where refrigerators and freezers were located. I recommend their services to Everyone! Be sustainable and clean your carpets! Dont replace them.

Chelsea was especially forthcoming with explaining the drying process and the meaning of, and expectations for, the structured and dehumidification  readings. She is a true asset to your company!!

We had a mold damage in our basement. We called in SERVPRO of Casper to come and clean it up. They where very professional, and explained the process to us. I would recommend that if you have a mold problem to give them a call. 

Had some water damage from the recent rain storms, and the whole team over at SERVPRO of Casper were AMAZING, very personable, professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I would recommend this company to anyone in my surrounding area. Thank you

P.S. There was a high valued, sentimental photo we did not receive when we started to unpacked our boxes. I called the next day and they new exactly the photo I was speaking of. They did say it was considered non-restorable however they still had the photo on site (they did not throw it) and we were welcomed to either claim it with insurance or pick it up! This also happened with some dining plates, they knew exactly what we had and where it was. :)

SERVPRO has been awesome when our clients need help the most!  They are top notch, efficient, and display the highest professional standards. We have always received positive reviews from our clients, it is important that we partner with businesses that have customer service as a priority!!

Good kind hearted people. Helped me clear out a terrible odor after we over nuked some popcorn. Thanks folks!

I had some water and mold damage recently  in our home and SERVPRO came out and did a fantastic job of restoring and cleaning it all! Hands down best customer service around. Thank you guys!

Miami and her team do a fantastic job.  Love the service and quality as well as the kind genuine care I always get.  Top quality carpet cleaning plus plus business.

The Casper SERVPRO team is amazing! We had a house fire last year and had to deal with two cleaning companies for all of our belongings. 

SERVPRO arrived to our home the day of our fire to give an estimate and walk us through the clean up process. It was comforting to have them their immediately as our heads were already spinning with questions since we were pushed out of our home. We often had silly questions but when we called to ask, everyone was very understanding. 

The staff was knowledgeable about our account and was always able to direct us to the right contact person. I don't think I ever waited more than 3 hours for a return phone call.

They were quick on paperwork and the conversations between them and our insurance company has been so simple. It's been out of our hands and the only thing we had to worry about was stopping in to review any personal belongings that were deemed as non-restorable. I am overly impressed with how many items they were able to save and remove smoke smell from! 

The only down side, which may not be their fault, is one piece of our furniture is majorly scratched. Typically SERVPRO will remove all belongings from your home and take them to their warehouse to clean and when you can move back in the home, they bring everything back and put it away for you. Sadly we moved out of state and had all of our belongings from the warehouse put into a huge moving truck. It is possible the huge scratch on the furniture is from how it was packed and it probably rubbed against some metal :(

Besides that, I would highly The Casper SERVPRO team. 

Your employees showed a lot of professionalism. Thank you!!

The SERVPRO team came in and saved the day. I cant thank you enough for coming in and fixing the problem. I would defiantly recommend you guys to anyone. 

Serpvro did a great job coming in and cleaning up our grease fire. They were very professional, They showed up on time, and was very polite. Thank you

We had a water damage and SERVPRO came in and got rid of the water and dried out our place. They were very professional. Thank you for all your hard work. 

Extremely knowledgeable, very professional. The crew was on time and they did a good job cleaning up after themselves. You have a darn good team.

I had a problem in my house and the SERVPRO crew came in cleaned it up. They were all really nice and answered my questions. Thank you for your help

The crew was professional, and courteous.I am satisfied with the work.

I am very happy with the crew. Everyone was very courteous

I would recommend them to anyone.

SERVPRO guys and office staff are always friendly and helpful. 

I am satisfied by the work you did.  I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone. 

I was impressed with SERVPRO employee's. They were professional and courteous. They answered any questions or concerns I had. I would recommend them to anyone. 

The SERVPRO guys were great. Every time I have used them they are always polite and courteous. I will recommend them to anyone. 

SERVPRO was very courteous and professional. You answered all my questions and explained things thoroughly. I would recommend you guys to anyone. 

I believe they did a thorough and professional job. Out of everyone we dealt with with, they were the easiest. I will defiantly use them again and recommend them to anyone. 

SERVPRO crew was very helpful, they explained the process through the whole job. I would use you guys again and recommend you guys to anyone. 

Your staff was very polite, and helpful. They explained the process to me. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone. 

Thanks for all the hard work!!!

SERVPRO employees were prompt on getting to my water damage. Everyone was very nice and answered my questions. I would recommend you guys to anyone. 

Chad and Steven were great!!! Really communicated well, they were friendly and very helpful!! They seemed to really care about doing a good job.

It is the usual custom to write letters of complaint whereas letters of praise are seldom given. In this letter I will try to do the latter.

Through a series of water leaks in my home caused by a faulty air conditioner, the attic developed mold. Mold sends most homeowners into a panic because of the published horror stories of so many victims in the past.

Your local company, based here in Casper, didn't allow that to happen to me. They reassured me that the damage was limited to a fairly small area and with in two days it would be gone. (Their idea of a small area and mine obviously are no the same). They keep their word. Not that they didn't work hard. They did!

I am pleaded with the results and commend the professional hard working crew. I would publish it on your website if I could but I really don't know how to do it.  Feel free to post my letter or part of it if you wish. 

Sincerely yours:

Shirley C.

I feel SERVPRO provided excellent service, was prompt, explained everything to my satisfaction, and was sensitive and mindful of my schedule and always made arrangements that worked for us both without any concerns. The staff was extremely knowledgeable about the work they provided and what I could expect. 

We had SERVPRO of Casper come and clean our shop. Extremely reliable and did not only what they said they would do, but went over and above what was asked. I not only will use them again but also encourage others to also.


These guys are good! They've taken care of us a few times over the years with carpet cleaning and their work is outstanding. The crews they've sent have been respectful of our home and they've taken care of ALL of the details. If I ever have a problem with water or fire, I know who I'm calling and it's not Ghost Busters. Thanks SERVPRO of Casper - you're the best!

SERVPRO went above and beyond our expectations! Would definitely hire them again, and recommend to anyone who needs a flood cleaned up or just their carpets cleaned.

I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with SERVPRO. I came home late at night to find everything in my basement floating in several inches of water. In the most timely manner, SERVPRO was there to clean up the water and completely dry out the basement. A courteous, professional staff, maintaining smiles and positive attitudes as they carried soaking wet carpet out of our basement into the well below-freezing temperatures of the outside. I wish you never the disaster of a flooded basement, but what a relief to know that in the unfortunate event, SERVPRO will always be there. Thank you, SERVPRO Team!


SERVPRO did a full carpet cleaning at my house. From Miamie coming over and giving me an estimate to the carpet cleaner doing an exceptional job. I was very impressed at the level of professionalism. Also, the price was very good! My carpets felt like new after SERVPRO it was there! Thank you guys! I Will definitely call and refer anytime some carpets need cleaned!!!

 We had a popcorn mishap at my office. It was so smelly we almost had to cancel patients. SERVPRO came with an ozone machine and turned it on over night. That is all it took and the smell was gone. Although we still threw away the microwave in question.

Thank you so much for becoming our vendor for carpet cleaning. You do a fantastic job.

Some of us wanted to say an extra Thank You! From fire to stains, you have been there for us! To all of you at SERVPRO... Thank you for your kindness and great quality of workmanship. From all of us!

SERVPRO did a great job. All the spots came out of the carpet. The room looks way brighter. We are very happy. Thank you so much!

SERVPRO did great (on my carpet cleaning). I'm really happy, and will use you again. Thank you.

The guys did an excellent job (on the carpet cleaning). The rooms look much better. Thank you!

I was very happy with the service. Each and every member of the team was pleasant, courteous and efficient. Chad especially was very helpful about calling me so I could know you were coming (for monitoring visits).

I am ecstatic with it (carpet cleaning). You guys did an amazing job. My house looks so beautiful. I will recommend SERVPRO to everyone. The company that did it before did an inferior job. I feel so much better!

John with SERVPRO has helped us so much with our clean up that we will Always Recommend their Company!

Outstanding response time, Courteous Personnel and understanding in your time of need.

SERVPRO was the most enjoyable part of the (water damage) experience. Their guys came in with smiles on their faces, and did a great job.