Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Moldy Closet in Casper WY

This is a mold damage that happened in Casper, WY. We inspected the structure, and found multiple areas that had suspected microbial growth. We recommended that they get in touch with an Industrial Hygienist so testing could be performed, and a remediation protocol could be written. The inspection also determined that multiple sources of moisture had caused the microbial growth.

Calling SERPVRO of Casper for your mold problems ensures that your home gets back to a healthy condition, and protects the health of yourself and your family.


When working on a mold job, there are many important steps to take to make sure the problem is properly addressed. A key first step is establishing containment of the affected area. Mold spores are very light, and can easily float around your home, contaminating other areas. Establishing a solid containment with negative air pressure prevents mold spores and mycotoxins from migrating from the affected area to unaffected areas. We use spring tension posts, heavy duty plastic sheeting, and tape to create most containment walls and doors. In the example in this photo, we have added a piece of wood at the bottom of the containment door. This helps keep the bottom of the door in contact with the floor, so we can maintain a good seal on the containment. Precautions such as containment and negative air pressure keeps the mold from spreading, and limits the amount of work that is necessary to remediate the mold damage.

Mold Remediation in Douglas, WY

A technician is remediating mold damage in a crawl space at a church in Douglas, WY. There are many reasons that mold could occur in a crawl space. If there was water damage on the main floor, and water seeped through the floor and wasn’t properly dried, the wet structure could begin to grow mold. Also, humidity caused by damp earth can condense on building materials in a crawl space, which can soak into the wood, bringing the moisture content of the lumber to an unsafe level. If conditions such as these are not addressed properly, it could lead to mold growth.

If you develop mold in the crawlspace of your home or business, SERVPRO of Casper can properly remediate the problem. Our technicians can bring your crawlspace back to a safe state. Call us anytime at 307-235-6558 for a free consultation.

Mold Remediation in Douglas, WY

In this picture, you can see one of our technicians wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). When performing mold remediation, it is very important to wear the appropriate PPE to prevent exposure. It is equally important to contain moldy areas, and moldy materials that are being removed. Mishandling moldy materials can possibly spread mold spores to areas that are unaffected. The technicians at SERVPRO of Casper are trained and experienced in mold removal. They can ensure that mold damage in your home or business is cleaned up safely and properly.

Mold Remediation in Casper, WY

This is a water heater leak that occurred in Casper. Because it wasn’t discovered for an extended period of time, the walls started to grow mold. You always want to make sure you check your water heater and surrounding areas periodically, so you can quickly address any leaks or failures. This kind of microbial growth only takes a little over a week to grow. Water heaters can have a slow leak, and continue to provide normal hot water without any indicator that something is wrong. Because of this, you will never know something is happening until you go into the closet and see the damage. If something like this happens with your water heater, SERVPRO of Casper has trained professionals that can take care of it properly.

Mold Remediation in Casper, WY

When it comes to mold remediation, there are multiple steps that are important. Containment must be set up to prevent the spread of mold spores and mycotoxins. Negative air pressure with HEPA filtration must be established in the containment to further prevent cross-contamination unaffected materials and contents must be removed from the area. It's very easy for mold spores to spread and cause damage in additional areas, so when there is a mold problem, it is important to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Casper right away.